Instagram Star Veronika Rajek: My Boobs Became Huge After Drinking Dad's Beer

OutKick pageview legend Veronika Rajek is making news around the world for claiming her boobs became huge after spending a summer drinking her dad's beer.

In her very first English interview, the 26-year-old Slovakian smokeshow told "Pillow Talk" podcast that her world-class boobs are 100% hers and they were created by sunbathing naked and drinking her dad's beer one summer.

"They are mine!" Rajek exclaimed after being pressed by the slightly skeptical show hosts.

“I didn’t have big breasts when I was younger because I was doing track and field for eight years,” she explained in perfect English. “But one summer I was sunbathing, like naked, and I drank my father’s beer and I think they grew like this.”

“If you want to have big breasts, drink beer!”

Rajek, who has been featured multiple times on OutKick and Morning Screencaps, has been creating huge buzz ever since an early December post where she professed her love to Tom Brady while at a Buccanneers game.

The content queen was soon outed as being a married woman (it wasn't a huge secret; her husband, Viktor Rajek played college football at Akron) and now we're to the point where Veronika is about to become a huge star in the United States.

In October, the 5'11 Veronika made headlines for saying her body was "too dangerous" for the Internet.

Now that the bio portion of the post is done, let's get back to the Pillow Talk podcast to hear more from Veronika.

Show highlights:

• Veronika watches porn. "Yeah, for sure. I like threesomes."

• Don't call her Russian. She doesn't like that at all.

• She only drinks when she's "super nervous."

• She doesn't like Slovakia and says the people there aren't open-minded about OnlyFans and that's why she loves America. "You're free."

• Guys are scared of Veronika because she's tall.

• Says she's a gamer and likes to pick up the "sluts" in GTA and then kills them.

The interview is nearly 50 minutes long, so dig in, and hear from Veronika on a U.S. broadcast for the very first time.

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