Influencer Katie Sigmond's F1 Weekend In Miami Included Some Bikini Time

Influencers and celebrities from all over were in Miami, Florida this past weekend for Formula 1's Miami Grand Prix. Among the influencers who were in town for the huge F1 event was Katie Sigmond.

The 20-year-old has made a name for herself with her content on several social media platforms from Instagram to OnlyFans. Olivia Dunne's pal has dabbled in some golf influencing and as well as the general brand building type of content.

Sigmond has racked up more than 3.2 million followers on Instagram alone. So it only makes sense that she would be one of the influencers who spent time last weekend in Miami.

She took the private jet down, sported the F1 gear while attending the various events surrounding the race, and did a little media. But she wasn't strictly visiting Miami for the racing and racing related activities alone.

Sigmond had content creating on the mind and packed a bikini with her for the trip. When the opportunity for content presented itself, she jumped all over it. She put on her pink bikini and posed for a couple of pics from her interesting hotel room shower.

She captioned the looks from her time in Miami, "my typa night."

Being An Influencer Means Being Prepared At All Times

Max Verstappen might have won the race on the track last weekend, but in a lot of ways Sigmond's followers were the real winners. To be fair, Verstappen might be able to pull off this look too.

If that's the case then I will correct the record and give the win on and off the track to Verstappen. Until then I'll consider Sigmond and her followers the off the track winners.

Which should come as no surprise, even when she's down she wins. She was able to beat the charges from her incident at the Grand Canyon by walking away with a small fine.

Thankfully, Sigmond avoided jail time in that case and has been able to keep cranking out the content, teaming up with Dunne, and making all of the very important influencer events.