Half-Court Shots Are Falling For Fans At NBA Games At Unsustainable Clip, As Latest $20K Bomb Drops

It's the season of the half-court shot as another fan attending a basketball game drained the money-making opportunity.

This time, an Oklahoma City Thunder fan named Johnny lined up in front of a crowded Paycom Center on Tuesday night as the team took on the Boston Celtics...

And, roll the tweet:

BOOM. Let's goooo.

Listen, I don't have any official statistics (or if they even exist) on what year has had the most fans actually hitting half-courters. But it seems that there's been a lot more lately, and I'm all about it.

Call it good fortune or sheer damn luck, I don't care. It's still always awesome to see.

Last year we had this great story about a father of three hitting a half-court shot during the holidays.

Knicks fans wish this guy wearing the John Starks jersey actually filled in for Starks during that disastrous Game 7 of the 1994 NBA Finals!

The fan ended up winning a CAR with his lucky shot:

Or how about 75 grand for this Lakers fan?!

And even this Philadelphia 76ers fan took a different kind of shot... hell, he shot his best shot... by proposing to his girlfriend and going viral for it.

Love to see it.

Hey Brooklyn Nets or New York Knicks - drop me a follow @TheGunzShow and I'll let you know next game I'm at.

Now excuse me everyone, I'm going to start practicing my half-court shots.

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