Gunslinger Nick Cannon Closes In On Greatest Impregnators Of All-Time By Knocking Up Another Woman After Johnny Manziel's Ex-Wife

The straightest shooter in Hollywood is at it again. Cocksman Nick Cannon has gone off again and impregnated yet another woman just as he's expecting a child any minute with Instagram model Bre Tiesi, who was best known before this pregnancy as Johnny Manziel's ex-wife.

While Bre was busy creating content with Cannon in preparation for the birth of their child, the 41-year-old raw dog expert was busy in the sack with OnlyFans star Abby De La Rosa, who is now pregnant with Cannon's ninth child.

Guys, you are looking at one of the great impregnators of our era.

Let's go to the numbers:

• (9) pregnancies

• Six different women over 11 years

• One set of twins

Now, I completely understand that Travis Henry is in a league of his own by knocking up 10 women with 11 kids, but we now have to put Nick Cannon right there in the conversation for pop culture's most productive baby-making machine.

Nine and six over 11 years is serious production.

Here we always had fun with Shawn Kemp going seven children with six women. That turned out to be rookie ball numbers. The game officially changed when Antonio Cromartie came along to knock out 10 pregnancies and then proceeded to forget the names of his children.

At just 41-year-old, Cannon has all the tools in his toolbox to leave all these guys in the dust.

"In December, everyone saw I was so down, everybody's like I'm just going to give him a little vagina, that's going to cure it all," Cannon said on the "Lip Service" podcast.

Add in the fact that Cannon doesn't have a problem getting a TV job and a never-ending stream of Instagram model vaginas combined with the fact that Nick's not big on wearing a condom and you could be looking at a guy who is going to go on a streak that might be hard to break over the next century.

Oh, and it doesn't seem like Cannon ever ends up with baby mama drama where the women haul him into court, so he must be generous with his money after knocking up these women. That said, he has to cringe a little when those child support payments come out. Just this year he's about to rack up a combined 36 years of child support. Stop and think about that for a minute.

It was reported earlier this year that he's up to $1.2 million in child support for a single year. That was before No. 8 & 9.

What a warrior. You'd think he would just go get snipped and call it a day. Not Nick. He's not done repopulating the world.

Baby mama No. 8 -- Bre Tiesi, Manziel's ex-wife!

Baby mama No. 9 -- Abby De La Rosa!

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