Gronk Weighs In On Zach Wilson Sleeping With Mom's Best Friend

Before Zach Wilson and the New York Jets somehow beat the Buffalo Bills Sunday, Rob Gronkowski appeared on the NFL on FOX pregame show and roasted the second-year QB.

And by roasted, I mean he basically complimented him for being an absolute PLAYER on and off the field.

“I’m going to go half-full, as long as they can get their QB’s head in the playbook instead of outside at parent-teacher conferences,” Gronkowski said during the show's 'Glass Half Full or Empty' segment.

Hey now!

Zach Wilson may have slept with his mom's best friend

If there is ANYONE who has the street cred to call out Zach Wilson - who was accused last offseason of being involved with a friend of his mother’s - it's one Rob Gronkowski.

There is only one player in NFL history who can constantly get away with sex jokes, and that's Gronk.

He basically made a living on catching touchdowns from Tom Brady and making 69 references. That's it. That was his entire career and it was glorious.

Now, I'm not sure Gronk ever had the offseason that Wilson did, but you never know.

The 23-year-old Jets QB found himself smack dab in the middle of some WILD rumors last summer when his ex-girlfriend accused him of allegedly sleeping with his mom’s best friend.

Wilson hasn't really ever confirmed or denied the rumors, but he did respond shortly after with an Instagram post complete with a legendary caption.

"Took the boys to in Idaho before camp! Poor cell service…what I miss?” he said.

Wilson's also been linked has been linked to influencer Nicolette Dellanno since last June.

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