Georgia Woman Drives SUV Through Popeyes After Getting Stiffed On The Biscuits

Ever had a biscuit from Popeyes? Yeah? Well then you know how good they are and how angry you'd be if they forgot to give them to you, right?

The question is, would you be pissed enough to drive your SUV through the restaurant to prove your point?

For one Georgia woman, the answer was a resounding, 'Yes!'

Belinda H. Miller, 50, apparently crashed her car through her local Popeyes after driving off and realizing they stiffed her on the biscuits. Her response? Turn the SUV around, put the pedal to the metal, and hang on for dear life.

Popeyes biscuits are so good they're causing people to crash into the store

Look, I'm not sure if it's how I would've handled the situation, but I'm also not Belinda H. Miller, so who am I to judge?

Police with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office were called to the Popeyes in Augusta after receiving reports of an accident with injuries.

Now, the store’s manager told deputies that Miller became angry when she discovered she was shorted on her biscuits, and decided to ram her SUV through the entrance. However, the manager also said Popeyes corrected the mistake and gave her the biscuits BEFORE the crash.

Obviously, that changes things a bit.

The manager added that Belinda also threatened the staff before crushing them with her SUV, including calling the store and threatening to drive her car into the building.

To be fair, can't say she didn't warn them!

According to police, Miller nearly struck an 18-year-old employee when she crashed into the store, and she continued driving until her car was stopped by debris.

Belinda then reportedly fled the scene in that same car and parked her damaged car in her driveway, where police shockingly found her hours later.

She was booked on Wednesday and given a bond of more than $4,000.

Love that chicken from Popeyes!

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