Ex-Miss Rhode Island Sentenced For Sneaking Into ICE Detention Center

A former beauty queen has been dealt one year of probation and 50 hours of community service for sneaking into an ICE detention center to see her husband.

Former Miss Rhode Island Julianna Clare Stout pleaded guilty to lying her way into Miami's Krome Service Processing Center. She did it to visit her husband, former Major Leaguer Brayan Villarreal who hails from Venezuela.

Villareal player in the Big Leagues from 2011 to 2013 and pitched for the Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox. After 2013, Villarreal spent a few more years in the minors and playing Venezuelan winter league ball.

The detention center where Villareal was being held didn't allow visitors due to COVID, with the exception of legal visits.

This made a light bulb go off in Stout's head. The ex-Miss Rhode Island posed as a paralegal for a real law firm even using their letterhead to gain access to the detention center. That law firm has denied ever giving her permission to use their letterhead.

Making things even more interesting is that Stout is currently an elected official, working as a commissioner in North Bay Village, Florida. She was elected back in 2018 and will wrap up her 4-year term in November.

According to ESPN back in 2013, Villarreal's name was in the news after he was the subject of a kidnapping attempt in Venezuela.

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