Evander Holyfield's Gloves From Mike Tyson Fight Going Up For Auction

Evander Holyfield's gloves from one of the most infamous fights in boxing history could be yours...

...if you're willing to pony up as much as $100,000.

Holyfield wore the gloves during his rematch with Mike Tyson on June 28, 1997, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

But if none of those details ring a bell, this one will: it was the fight where Tyson bit off a chunk of Holyfield's ear.

Yup, that one.

Tyson claimed that he used his teeth because Holyfield was constantly head-butting him.

It didn't matter why he did it. Tyson's chompers got him DQed and handed Holyfield the win. Holyfield was also victorious in their first meeting the year before by TKO after 7 rounds.

Sports memorabilia auction house Lelands is handling the auction. Bidding — which started at $10,000 — runs for two more weeks. It's thought that they could ultimately fetch six figures.

"These crisp, red Everlast gloves were worn by The Real Deal in that landmark contest, with Everlast logo sewn on each cuff, and a screened logo in white. Each has written on the cuff logo in black marker, 'Holyfield #1,'" Leland's website reads.

"A remarkable piece of pugilistic history. Solid provenance; property from the life and career of Evander Holyfield, these were previously sold at an auction where Holyfield consigned his personal pieces."

There's no doubt that if you got the money, these gloves would be a great conversation booster if you're hosting guests and things start to peter out.

"So... uh... see those gloves over there? Those are the ones Evander Holyfield was wearing when Mike Tyson bit off his ear."

Just like that, the conversation is back on the rails and it only cost you thousands of dollars.

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