Emily Ratajkowski Heats Up Instagram With A Bikini Shower Video

How do you follow-up headlines that seem to suggest you might be interested in dating Megan Fox? Well if you're Emily Ratajkowski, you just put on a bikini and hop in the shower.

Is it really that easy? It's really that easy, assuming that you want people to notice. Which, despite what she might have said about why she quit acting, it appears as if she wants you to notice.

Ratajkowski is a seasoned veteran of the game, who also has more than 30 million followers. When you've reached that level everything you do gets noticed. She knows this all too well that's why she's more than willing to take to Instagram in nearly nothing, especially when she has something to sell.

Which any influencer/model/retired actress with an enormous social media following does. The fact that the several pieces of content included in the Instagram post served a dual purpose proves that Ratajkowski is on a different level.

This wasn't just "look at me, I'm ready for summer" content. It was that, but it was also a skillfully created campaign for her brand Inamorata.

When you finally get through scrolling through the various shower scenes you realize you've been sucked into an ad. Which for the record, I don't mind. Call me a sucker for falling for it you want.

It turns out this was an announcement that didn't have anything to do with showering. It had very little to do with showing everyone that Ratajkowski is ready to do damage on the beach. She's collaborating with other clothing brands and ready to move units.

This Isn't The Last Bikini Content From Emily Ratajkowski This Summer

We might be gearing up for a summer of Ratajkowski. Memorial Day is just a couple of weeks away. If this is a preview od things to come then watch out.

It's hard to tell what direction she's going to go in, but she's currently single, she might be looking to date women, and she's ready to lay waste to the beach.

The summer might be hers for the taking. Although there is sure to be some stiff competition out there, as there is every year.

I'm going to pencil her in as a name to watch this summer. That could change at any time, but she's certainly off on the right foot with her latest.