Eagles Superfan Sammy Draper Is Ready For Super Bowl Week, Tom Brady Retirement Sand Scandal & Aaron Rodgers Enjoys Raiders Chant

One more week until the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl matchup is set, the Philadelphia Eagles will face the Kansas City Chiefs. I may or may not have completely blown my Super Bowl prediction last week.

It's hard to tell, I don't really like living in the past. I'm more of a move ahead kind of guy.

Unfortunately, the Bengals were unable to end the Chiefs season. The mission remains the same, stop the Mahomes family. But we have another week until the Super Bowl arrives.

Until then we'll pass some time with whatever the Pro Bowl Games are. Just kidding, there's something far more entertaining going down in the NFL world.

No, I'm not talking about Antonio Brown diagnosing himself with CTE and blaming it on a hit he received from James Harrison. I'm talking about Tom Brady's retirement sand.

Brady retirement sand-gate

Not only is a jar of Brady's retirement sand about to hit $100k on Ebay, there is some controversy surrounding the sand.

Is it actually Brady retirement sand in the jar? Or possibly the sand underneath the actual Brady retirement sand?

Well according to TikToker Betr Carol, who made some headlines with Brady's retirement sand, she was the first on the scene following his announcement.

Therefore, she is in possession of the true retirement sand. Not the person approaching six figures for a jar they collected from the exact same spot.

"Okay, so the other day I posted a video.... Basically I was the first one to go to the spot that Tom Brady retired and pickup the sand and try to sell it," Carol says.

Carol then shows some receipts to backup her claim that she was the first one at Brady's retirement spot. She then announces that she'll be putting up her bag of sand on Ebay starting at $100.

"I will be putting up the real sand, from the day of, and not this fake shit sand that they're putting up, because the wind blew, it's probably not even the real sand. This is the legit real sand two hours after he retired."

It's just sand...

Nothing with Tom Brady can be easy. There has to be some sort of drama surrounding his retirement and the spot in which he made the announcement.

Look, Betr Carol might have been the first person on the scene and she could make an argument that she actually gathered the sand containing Brady's retirement essence or whatever. But, at the end of the day it's sand.

There's almost no jar of sand in existence that anyone should be dropping six figures on.

As you would expect when news of a jar of sand that is going for $100k on Ebay gets out, there are a lot of fake listings that have been created.

Again, don't pay for a jar of sand that Tom Brady may or may not have sat on when he announced his retirement.

Unless, of course, you want the jar of sand I'm selling. My jar of sand has a Brady tear in it too. I'll start the bidding at $250k and we'll go from there.

Nothing to see here, just a Chinese spy balloon floating over the country

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a Chinese spy balloon!

Shoot it down! Right? We should take it out as quickly as possible. No?

Let's wait a few days.

The Chinese spy balloon was finally shot down on Saturday.

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