Daniel Craig Is A Big Thanksgiving Guy

Forget the martinis, 007 wants a drumstick.

Daniel Craig, who wrapped up his time as James Bond earlier this year, is now a United States citizen. He's fitting right in, because in a recent interview he talked about his love for Thanksgiving.

Craig appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and the host stopped shilling for Dr. Fauci long enough for Bond to pump Thanksgiving's tires.

"I do understand Thanksgiving. It’s about giving thanks, as far as I understand,” he said, showing off some of that intuitiveness we've come to know from 007 and his Knives Out/Glass Onion character Benoit Blanc.

Craig went on to explain that he and his wife, actress Rachel Weiss, aren't Thanksgiving newbies.

They're grizzled Thanksgiving vets.

“I have and we do celebrate it. In fact, I have American friends as well so I’ve celebrated for quite a long time,” Craig explained, weaving in that little humble brag about having American friends.

“I think it’s probably my favorite holiday,” he added.

Thanksgiving Is For Everyone... Including James Bond

Craig and Colbert went on to talk about how great Thanksgiving is, partially because of how it's non-denominational and everyone can celebrate it.

That's true, which makes it especially important when our country is as divided as it is.

Also, Thanksgiving is all about football and food and that's really awesome in and of itself.

Some thanks are given, and that's all well and good but there's nothing like eating so much stuffing and pie that you fall asleep during the Lions game.

Although Craig isn't a stuffing guy. he called it "an abomination."

"You stuff it up the a-- of a chicken-turkey!" Craig said of the classic Thanksgiving side dish. "I think it should be cooked separately. It's good, but I don't think you should bring it anywhere near the bird."

I was always a Daniel Craig guy because he was the Bond I was introduced to. Now I'm an even bigger fan given his correct take on American holidays.

Although, if George Lazenby starts talking about what a big stuffing guy he is, he might have a little competition.

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