Dak Prescott's Phone Background Sets The Internet On Fire

Dak Prescott is apparently thankful for Dak Prescott this Thanksgiving.

FOX cameras (great company!) snagged footage of Prescott talking on the field before Thursday's game against the Giants, and Dak just happened to be holding his phone.

And it just happened to be on.

And it just happened to show the world his phone background.

Internet reacts to Dak Prescott phone background

Oh no! Dak Prescott has a picture of ... himeself ... as his phone wallpaper. Wild stuff.

Frankly, this is something I 100% expect out of Russell Wilson. I'm not sure I saw it coming with Dak, though.

Where do we stand on this?

I mean, Dak's made hundreds of millions of dollars and is, after all, America's QB. If he wants to turn on his phone and see a picture of himself every two minutes, who are we to judge?

But it's certainly a bold move, no doubt about that.

Most people have pictures of their families, their wife, their kids, their stupid pets as their phone background. Some, like myself, like to mix it up with one picture as the "locked" background, and another as the "unlocked" background.

You need a diverse portfolio nowadays, after all.

I've even had plenty of pictures with me in them as my background. No shame there. The difference is, though, it's not just me. I don't need to see myself 150 times an hour.

I'm pretty torn on this, but I think I'm going ... Team Dak on this one!

The Cowboys are 8-3, and it's not often you get to hold the title of America's QB. You have to strike while the iron's hot.

Anyway, Prescott melted the internet in epic fashion and everyone is torn. Enjoy!

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