Couple Filmed Having Public Sex At Famous 'Game Of Thrones' Location

A couple recently got down and dirty at one of the most famous filming locations of "Game of Thrones."

An unidentified couple was filmed engaging in adult recreational activities in the Old Town area of Dubrovnik, Croatia, according to the New York Post.

Before they could be caught by the authorities, the two people quickly got their clothes back on, and scrambled out of there. I'm not going to link to the video here for obvious reasons, but it's floating around the web!

Old Town in Dubrovnik served as King's Landing in the legendary HBO show. Most famously, it's where Cersei's walk of shame was filmed.

Clearly, this couple was going for a very different vibe than one of shame and repentance.

Now, is it a great idea to run around having public sex at famous "Game of Thrones" locations. Well, it's certainly not something I'm going to endorse, but much like the characters in the show, people can get wild!

After all, maybe they were just doing it for the story!

The other side of the situation is there's a chance they had no idea where they even were and just wanted to get it on in public.

Europe can be a wild place!

Hopefully, the prequel series "House of the Dragon" is as captivating as these two lovebirds!

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