College GameDay Bus Led Through Montana Streets By Horses

College GameDay is headed to Bozeman, Montana on Saturday, and the fine folks welcomed the giant ESPN bus to town in the only way they know how ...

By leading the 18-wheeler through the streets with a pack of horses!

College GameDay in Montana, with Saturday temps near 0


Look, I know some people get annoyed when GameDay goes to FCS locations or games, but I love it. You will never find a more fired up fanbase than an FCS program that finally gets some limelight.

I can still remember to this day some ELECTRIC scenes from North Dakota and James Madison. Heck, we even had a good time last month when the show made the trek to Jackson State.

Anyway, it's a pretty 'meh' slate this weekend - it usually is the Saturday before Thanksgiving - so we'll be treated to three hours of ESPN pregame prep from Bozeman. Don't sleep on the game, either.

Montana-Montana State, also known as the Brawl of the Wild, dates back to 1897 and is the fourth-oldest rivalry in FCS.

The 'Great Divide Trophy' currently resides in Montana after last season, but Montana State has won four of the past five games.

Oh, by the way ... I know the weather in Buffalo is all the rage right now, but has anyone taken a glance at Saturday morning's forecast in Bozeman? No?

I have!

Bundle up, fellas.

PS: John Dutton for guest picker or we revolt. That should be pretty obvious.

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