Colin Cowherd Recognizes The ‘Red Wave’ Is Coming

Colin Cowherd is definitely a guy who knows how to read the room, and he can tell that a Red Wave is imminent this coming Election Day.

The TV and radio host took to Twitter to call it as he sees it.

It seems increasingly likely that we will see major Republican victories across the country on Tuesday, and Cowherd isn't alone in his thinking that Democrats' botched handling of COVID — especially when it pertains to schools — is the reason.

One of Cowherd's followers chimed in with what seemed like a tongue-in-cheek jab at those on the left, who love nothing more than to pounce on those who disagree with them.

Cowherd couldn't give two Fs, let alone one.

Tough to argue any of that.

Cowherd hit on some of the major reasons why Republicans are poised to have themselves a strong showing next Tuesday.

Several years of Democratic policies have brought about everything he mentioned in that second tweet.

You can bet that lots of voters will be thinking of all of that plus continuing issues with the economy, the border, and crime when they head to the polls on Tuesday.

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