City Hosts 'Girlx' Sporting Event For All Who Identify With Girlhood

The war on women continues, and now they're starting even younger.

Cambridge, Mass., will host a "Sports Night for Girlx" on Thursday. The event is open to all who identify as girls or with girlhood.

Whatever that means.

"The fun, free event is for families with girlx in Kindergarten through 5th grade. It's an opportunity for girlx to explore new sports, learn about existing teams, and enjoy prizes, pizza, games, and hands-on demonstrations," according to the City of Cambridge website.

The event will give "girlx" an opportunity to try out a number of sports, like basketball, lacrosse, football, soccer and cheerleading.

"Girlx," of course, draws from other terms intended to be inclusive, like "womxn" and "latinx."

Sponsors for the event include the Cambridge Commission on the Status of Women, the Office of the Mayor and the Department of Human Services Programs.

In a world where the Biden Administration encourages "gender affirming" surgeries and hormone treatment for children and teenagers, this early indoctrination of K-5 kids is beyond troubling.

Woke activists have tried to normalize biological males competing in women's sports

This issue took center stage when Lia Thomas made headlines as a swimmer for the University of Pennsylvania. A mediocre athlete in the male division, Thomas shattered records once she began to identify as a woman.

The woke folks at UPenn even nominated her to win the 2022 NCAA Woman of the Year Award. Never mind the fact that Thomas spent her first three seasons competing as a male.

And you shouldn't dare have a problem with it. Female swimmers and media who spoke out were labeled intolerant, transphobic bigots.

Women have fought for decades for more athletic opportunities

Woke trans activists are doing everything they can to negate that progress.

When those elementary school kids in Cambridge grow up, the boys will be bigger and stronger than the girls. They will have a competitive advantage. That's not intolerance — it's biology.

We have reached the point where we, as women, are not allowed to stand up for ourselves. We're not even allowed to call ourselves women. And institutions are being forced to ignore biological reality in the name of not hurting people's feelings.

Unless, of course, those people are actual females.

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