Biden Administration: Early Surgeries ‘Crucial’ For Kids Who Identify As Trans

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Early transgender surgeries and hormone treatments have been labeled as “crucial” for the health of kids and teenagers who identify as transgender and nonbinary, according to a message from the Biden administration and relayed by the Daily Wire.

This was all part of what’s been dubbed as “Transgender Day of Visibility,” which, according to the Daily Wire, was put in place to “inform parents and guardians, educators, and other persons supporting children and adolescents with information on what is gender-affirming care and why it is important to transgender, nonbinary, and other gender expansive young people’s well-being.”

Most people aren’t certain what “gender-affirming care” even means, but the Daily Wire helped explain.

“Gender-affirming care is a phrase used by transgender activists and media to mask the more grisly sounding transgender top and bottom surgeries, including removing a biological women’s (sic) breasts, removing a biological man’s genitals, sculpting a fake penis on a biological woman, facial feminization or facial masculinization, and more,” the Daily Wire wrote.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott recently referred to transgender treatments for kids as “child abuse.” Needless to say, he took some grief for that — though he did garner plenty of support from detransitioners, or people who transitioned, then transitioned back to their birth gender.

Perhaps not surprisingly, while the Biden Administration has dipped its toes into the conversation on transitioning for kids, it was silent on “DeTrans Awareness Day” a few weeks back.

“Commentators, lawmakers, people who identify as transgender, and people who formerly attempted transitions have expressed grave concerns about encouraging children or young people to explore transitions of any kind,” the Daily Wire wrote.


Written by Sam Amico

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  1. If children will be adult enough to make life altering decisions about their gender through surgery and hormone therapies, then that same age of child should all be tried as adults in court.

  2. Transgender is less than 1% of population in the country yet the sick fucks are trying to push it on the youth of our country.And now saying youths must have the power to have life changing operations without parents consult or permission this is beyond twisted.Defeating this in elections is not enough they need to be scorned.

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