Chilling Video Shows Passenger Warn Pilot Right Before Mid-Air Helicopter Crash

Two helicopters collided in mid-air in a fatal crash in Australia, and chilling video has emerged of one passenger alerting the pilot of the oncoming helicopter seconds before the main rotor blade sliced through the windshield.

The two choppers were carrying a total of 13 people, including the two pilots, and were flying over a sandbar when disaster struck. The video, obtained by 7 News in Australia, shows a passenger frantically tap pilot Michael James' shoulder mere seconds before catastrophe.

Unfortunately, it was too late, and both choppers collided and eventually went down.

Helicopter crash in Australia claims four lives

Miraculously, everyone in the James' chopper survived the crash after he was somehow able to land on the sandbar despite the front of the helicopter basically being torn to shreds.

The other chopper, which apparently had taken off 20 seconds prior, wasn't so fortunate.

Four people in that helicopter died, including the pilot, a UK couple, and a 36-year-old mother from Sydney.

“After the collision, it was a matter of seconds before it has hit the ground. So it has unfolded very quickly,” Transport Safety Bureau Chief Commissioner Angus Mitchell said.

Passenger Winnie de Silva, who was in the second chopper, said she heard a "loud bang" just seconds after takeoff.

“I could see the pilot pressing all these buttons, stressed out - he didn’t know what to do," said de Silva, who reportedly suffered broken legs, injuries to her left knee, a broken right shoulder and a shattered collarbone.

"I don’t remember much (after that) but everyone was trembling and worried."

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