Chelsea Handler Continues Dems Trend Of Using Sex To Entice Voters

As it continues to look increasingly likely that a "Red Wave" will sweep across the nation on Tuesday, the Democrats are trying to rally the troops.

With strong policies and a sound plan to combat the issues facing everyday Americans?

Of course not! They're turning to the one thing that always sells: sex.

Comedian Chelsea Handler was the latest to do a "go out and vote" promo. She rambled nonsensically, then shook her breasts at the camera for some reason because, again, what else do Democrats have at this point?

“I just wanted to remind everybody that this Sunday is Daylight Savings. I’m not really sure why we still have Daylight Savings because I’m pretty sure we voted that off the ballot last year," she said, completely bombing. "But I guess some elections don’t matter, which is why it’s really important for you guys to all vote before Tuesday or on Nov. 8.”

That didn't particularly make sense and was completely devoid of anything laugh-inducing. But what would you expect? If there's one thing a washed-up comic like Chelsea Handler doesn't know how to do, it's how to bow out gracefully.

Handler then gave the typical "sky is falling" arguments you hear from every Democrat from Michael Beschloss to Rob Reiner, but she gave it a little something extra: some jostling boobs.

“We need to preserve our rights. We need to preserve our rights,” she said.

Chelsea Handler's Video Is Completely Useless

I can't imagine anyone who had planned on not voting seeing this video and thinking, "Y'know what? I am going to go do my civic duty. To the polls!"

And on the off chance that someone does go vote based on a video of Chelsea Handler talking nonsense and shaking her cans at her iPhone, is that the type of person we want giving their two cents on how our country is run?

I'm going to say no.

It's also kind of insulting that the Democrats refuse to run on policies. Although, in fairness, what do they have to run on?

That's why they think people are dumb enough to be swayed by telling voters a candidate likes a different NFL team or with videos like this.

Which, by the way, I thought by the left's standards counted as objectifying women.

But if she does it herself it's cool? If it means getting a few more blue votes it doesn't count?

Does anyone understand how that's supposed to work?!

These are the kind of mental gymnastics you come to expect from a woke activist like Handler.

At least, while they disappoint in so many ways, they never do on that front.

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