Charles Barkley Makes Entire NBA On TNT Staff Squirm Over Biden, Trump Joke

Charles Barkley accidentally made all of his co-hosts uncomfortable with an apparent Joe Biden joke Thursday. So the elite NBA on TNT broadcaster did what anyone in his situation would do - steer the conversation to Donald Trump instead.

Barkley and the rest of the crew were discussing the NBA's All-Star game voting during the show when Chuck took control of the conversation and dropped a grenade that was followed by an nervous laughter, awkward silence, and a QUICK backtrack from Barkley himself.

Charles Barkley makes fun of Biden, then Trump as Shaq can't stop laughing

Look, I don't really care about Biden or Trump if we're being honest, so all of that's pretty damn funny. Now, you take a shot at Ron DeSantis, and we're gonna have a problem.

But making fun of our last two presidents seems pretty fair game at this point, and there's plenty of avenues to do so.

Let's be honest - and I don't care who you voted for - both cats are pretty flawed in their own special way. I think we can all agree on that, right?

Anyway, the nervous laughter after Barkley's original comment is hilarious.

"All right (nervous chuckle) ... hey now," says the Ernie Johnson fill-in who's name I won't bother looking up because I don't care and he annoyed me in this clip.

And then Shaq can't contain himself anymore and just starts laughing, which is pretty on-brand for him, too. Charles Barkley and Shaq just don't care what anyone thinks at this point, nor should they.

They're both worth billions of dollars (roughly) and are uncancelable, so they can pretty much do what they want.

How about Kenny Smith literally not being even the slightest amused the entire time? Dude, relax. My God. Who cares?! What a square.

Anyway, Chuck then clarifies that he's not talking about "the old guy" and was actually talking about "the guy before the old guy," which kind of ruins the whole thing because it just seems like he's bending the knee to the mob - which is something Charles Barkley should never, ever have to do.

Whatever, though. It was still pretty funny throughout, I just hope Kenny Smith is OK.

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