Cart Girl Cass Holland Is A Star, Emily Mayfield Takes A Swim, Vince Young Crushes Cheesecake Factory, Hoe Bread, Sunny D

It's been three days since I drove the Nightcaps train, and so much has happened my head is spinning. Emily Mayfield declared it was time for summer, Vince Young spent $20,000 at Cheesecake Factory and, oh yeah, I also identified America's next star - Cass Holland.

And it's also National Meatball Day today (!!!), which I'll somehow tie into something called "hoe bread."

How's that for a tease? Don't you dare tell me you ain't gonna at least scroll for a bit longer, if anything just to see Emily Mayfield in a lake.

You'll have to wait just a bit longer for Queen Emily, though. Because we're gonna start Cart Girl Cass Holland, who is stealing hearts on cart paths across America.

Cart Girl' Cass Holland bursts on the scene

Had an OutKick reader bring Paige Spiranac LIV Golf impersonator Lilia Schneider to my attention last week, and now another has pointed me towards TikTok star Cass Holland.

Holland has over 2 million followers on the China app, and calls herself the Cart Girl. Upon further review, it appears Cass started documenting her life as a beverage girl about two years ago, and it took off like a damn rocket ship.

Shockingly, the local golfers love her. Can't imagine why.

To quote the great Shooter McGavin, 'How am I supposed to chip with that going on, Doug?!'

And how about that last guy asking her if she was wearing pink underwear? Subtle. Come on, Bob. Have some class.

Anyway, Holland describes herself as "a content creator and cart girl who shares positive, raw, and authentic content with my audience."

The crack Outkick research team (me) did some more scrolling and found out she makes BANK in tips at Chimera Golf Club in Las Vegas, loves the beach and is also a huge NASCAR fan.

I mean, does it get any better? Booze, birdies, the beach and NASCAR. Unreal.

The golf influencer game is so hot right now my face is melting, and it's showing absolutely zero signs of slowing down. Love it.

Vince Young loves Cheesecake Factory

From the cart paths of Nevada to one of America's great pleasures - Cheesecake Factory.

Yes, the place with literally the longest, most extensive menu in the world.

Apparently, Vince Young is a huge fan! And by huge, I mean our man single-handedly kept the franchise afloat for years.

Based on a report from Sportscasting, Young infamously loved The Cheesecake Factory. He allegedly spent $5,000 a week at the restaurant, according to the outlet. What’s more, he reportedly even spent $15,000 in one sitting at the restaurant.

In a separate event, Young reportedly bought all the seats on a Southwest Airlines flight because he wanted privacy.

A lot to digest there. A lot.

For starters, I LOVE the power move on the Southwest flight. If Vince Young wants a little privacy in the sky and has the means to do so, then who am I to judge him for buying every single seat just to be alone?

Wanna get away? Yep, Vince does, and he doesn't want anyone else with him!

Secondly ... how in the world are you spending $15,000 in one sitting at Cheesecake Factory? A quick Google search tells me the most expensive thing at my nearest Cheesecake Factory is the Filet Mignon for $38. Everything else is right around $20, while the 1,000 different types of cheesecakes are around $10.

I suppose Vince could be a big wine guy, because a bottle of champagne is $80. I guess he could've conceivably brought a big group of people to his favorite Cheesecake Factory for a night of shenanigans and ran the total close to $15K, but this is also the same guy who rented out an entire jetliner because he wanted to be alone.

Seems a little fishy to me.

Anyway, here's Vince driving the Titans 99 yards to beat the Cardinals back in 2009. That's right, you're getting a Titans Vince Young highlight instead of Texas Vince. Sorry.

Hoe bread sends the internet into a tizzy

Sticking with the food theme for a bit ...

As I said earlier, today is National Meatball Day. Happy NMBD to all those who celebrate. I know I certainly do.

Mount Rushmore of meatballs? Sure! Look away, Jalen Rose.

Anyway, a good meatball sub is far and away No. 1, which brings me to my original point.

Saw this on Twitter today because it's gone viral and melted the internet, and I'll admit, it stumped me, too.

Let me tell you what, this sucker DIVIDED the internet. Personally, I love the end piece - which is what first popped into my head. I also know that I'm very much in the minority.

Anyway, the most popular answer was heel, while some called it the butt. Others said it was just bread, a couple made the obvious "bird food" joke, while some, well ...

Sunny D goes hard, so does this ex-Navy Officer

All right, let's chug a couple spiked Sunny Ds and kick this thing into high gear.


That's right! Perhaps the most delicious drink from our childhoods has finally hit puberty and grown up. Sunny D, the kinda-sorta orange juice that used to be Sunny Delight before 2000, has entered the 21+ game.

Oh boo-hoo. Get over it, old-timer. If Sunny D wants to add a splash of vodka to it's lineup, shut up and let it happen.

I LOVED Sunny D as a kid, but haven't had it in years. Probably decades. But you wanna mix a little Titos in with my fake OJ and really unleash the power of the sun? I'm all in, baby.

From Sunny D to murky waters, how about this former Naval officer in Florida attempting to live underwater for 100 days?

If he makes it past 73 days, it would be a Guinness World Record. Shoot for the stars!

The backstory: This researcher is planning to stay at something called The habitat at the Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, which apparently has been around since the 1970s. And he's doing it all in the name of STEM research!

“Everything we need to cure everything that’s going on is in this world, is in this world,” he said. “So we’ve got to live in this environment to figure this stuff out.”

Right on, brother.

Emily Mayfield is ready for the water

You know who could very well join Dr. Joe Dituri in the underwater Keys hotel? Baker Mayfield's wife, Emily Mayfield.

She declared on Instagram this week that she was ready for some fun in the sun!

Emily Mayfield has been a star for a while now, and she had a whirlwind 2022 that saw her go from Cleveland (yuck) to Charlotte (less yuck) to LA (now we're talking).

Baker Baker the Touchdown Maker become an instant legend when he led the Rams to a BS Thursday night win last fall less than 24 hours after being traded, so I'm hoping these two carry that momentum into 2023.

Gonna be tough to top last year, though.

Cheers to a strong offseason, Emily!

OK, that's it for today. Time to got get tanked on some Sunny D while crushing a can of Chef Boyardee.

What a sentence.

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