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I like to keep Nightcaps pretty stress-free, but there are so many controversies swirling right now I have no choice but to address some of them today. I’m talking everything from Robin Williams to Margot Robbie and Paige Spiranac.

And, frankly, the spectrum doesn’t get much wider than that.

Along the way, we’ll wrangle alligators, make fun of Disney, discuss putting etiquette and then decompress by having a few shower beers with Margot Robbie.

Sound like a plan? OK, cool.

Crack a Busch Latte and start the bath, let’s get weird.

Paige Spiranac sends viral tweet about growing golf "one tit" at a time. (Credit: Getty Images)
Paige Spiranac ain’t going down without a fight. (Credit: Getty Images)

Is Lilia Schneider the Paige Spiranac of LIV Golf?

It’s been a few days since I steered the Nightcaps ship, so I’ve been sitting on this reader email for a while now. Feels like it’s time to address it, though.

According to Dave, there are a couple sites out there trying to anoint Lilia Schneider LIV Golf’s Paige Spiranac. He asked me to do some deep-diving and get to the bottom of it, and I’m nothing if not a Man of the People, so I dove in.

Schneider made a brief cameo in Screencaps earlier this year, so I won’t step on too many toes by rehashing the backstory. Although I don’t believe Bryson DeChambeau has ever come out and said it, rumor has it that he’s dating Schneider – a sophomore golfer at Marian University in Indianapolis.

DeChambeau’s ex-girlfriend, Hunter Nugent, confirmed the news last fall by telling OutKick it was Schneider who attended the LIV event in Chicago with DeChambeau. The two were spotted riding together on a golf cart during the tournament, as you can see here:

Bryson DeChambeau girlfriend Lilia Schneider, who is NOT Paige Spiranac.
Lilia Schneider and Bryson DeChambeau.

Fast-forward a few months, and we still have no firm update on these two. However, with LIV starting its season last weekend in Mexico, Lilia’s name is bubbling up again with some saying she’s the rival golf league’s Paige Spiranac, and could be a serious challenger in the golf influencer world.

Sorry, I ain’t there yet, folks. Gonna need some concrete evidence that these two are still dating, first and foremost. Can’t be grasping at straws with these things.

Secondly, Paige is a content machine in the golf world. She grinds each and every day, and is still very much the gold standard.

From the actual instructional videos to making fun of Phil Mickelson’s ‘four inches’ quip last month, she does it all. You don’t become the Queen of the golf influencing world by accident, and you don’t lose that title overnight.

The golf season is young, and we still have a long ways to go in both LIV and the PGA, so the competition could certainly heat up. Right now, though, it ain’t one.

Where do we stand on this putting etiquette?

One controversy handled, onto the next.

Anyone see this diabolical move from the women’s college golf world?

Where do we all stand on walking through someone’s line after the putt’s been hit? I’ve always been raised to treat someone’s line like a nuclear bomb and stay as far away from it as possible, but the fact that the ball’s already on its way does make me stop and think.

Does it really matter that she walked through the line at this point? I mean, she’s not gonna mess up the green for any potential roll, and the reading is already done. Nothing else to read, right?

Well …

I think that one settles it for me.

Speaking as someone who would literally never make this putt, I’d definitely need to see how bad my initial line was so I could essentially do the opposite on the next one. Can’t do that if someone’s pulling this move.

PS: love the overly dramatic fist-pump when she sinks it, too, followed by the brief stare. Grow up and have some respect for the game, Karen.

Disney is insufferable, but Robin Williams is not

So far, we’re Team Paige Spiranac and NOT walking through someone’s putting line. Two down, one to go!

Yours truly spent part of his morning by making fun of Disney, which decided to make yet another Peter Pan adaptation, which nobody asked for.

They also decided to make it a woke pile of garbage despite hemorrhaging subscribers and make the famous ‘Lost Boys’ the ‘Lost Girls,’ which, again, nobody asked for.

So dumb, but so on brand for Disney. Can’t imagine why Ron DeSantis is crushing them to dust right now. Weird.

Anyway, the new movie somehow led to a HEATED discussion in this morning’s OutKick meeting about whether or not Robin Williams’ Hook was a good movie.

I know, dumb question, right? It’s not a good movie. It’s a great movie. One of his finest, in fact.

Fine, here are the Top 5 Robin Williams movies of all time. In order, of course.

I wanted to do a Mount Rushmore to piss Jalen Ross off, but, frankly, the guy has so many good movies I needed to add a fifth.

  1. Mrs. Doubtfire
  2. Jumanji
  3. Hook
  4. Flubber
  5. Good Will Hunting

Yep, that’s the list. Sorry, but it is what it is. Honorable mentions include Good Morning Vietnam, Jack, Bicentennial Man and RV (just kidding. Sort of.).

Dead Poets Society is boring and doesn’t hold up. Sorry. Again, it is what it is. And don’t you dare come at me with my Flubber take, either. Any movie that includes Robin Williams AND Shooter McGavin is going to make my list.

Florida cops wrangles gator

Didn’t think I’d use Dustin Hoffman getting eaten by a gator from a 32-year-old movie as a transition today, but that’s why Nightcaps are a wild ride.

Let’s head on down to the great, big, beautiful, free state of Florida, where body cam footage has given us a POV (yes, I know, make the joke) of what it’s like to wrangle an alligator.

Harrowing stuff. When it came out of from under the truck I yelled out loud. Didn’t see it coming. I’ve lived in Florida my whole life, and I don’t mess with alligators. Not for me.

I have a family full of people who hunt those things, and they taste great, but that’s the closest I’ll come to one if it’s up to me. They love our golf courses, too. LOVE them.

Now if THAT things walk in my putting line, I ain’t saying a word. It’s etiquette-shmetiquette at that point.

Old school Wendy’s & SEC SEX

Couple quickies as the water heats up in the shower. If it’s anything like mine, it’ll take an hour to get hot, and take about five minutes to then get cold.

Anyone remember 1990s fast-food? Talk about the absolute golden age of restaurant décor. You still had elite playgrounds at McDonalds, glorious Taco Bell colors, and the yellow cups and random sun rooms at Wendy’s.

Incredible era. God this used to be such a great country. Anyway, I found myself in a Wendy’s the other day and it was horrible, so here’s what the good old days looked like.

One more quickie – and this one is actually a quickie!

I know Screencaps briefly mentioned this today, but sometimes you need to take the sloppy seconds and run with it.

This tweet from last night will never not be funny:

Hilarious. Gets me every time. That’s why I’m anti-edit button on Twitter. Need a little authenticity in our lives.

Anyway, it reminded me of this GEM from a few years ago. Live TV is the best.

Auburn wins sex tournament.
Auburn loves sex!

Shower beers with Margot Robbie

Finally, actress Margot Robbie recently revealed the bombshell shower hack she claims she just discovered a few years ago … the shower beer.

That’s right. The Wolf of Wall Street heartthrob said she only learned about the “shower beer” in 2016 when she was on set with Tina Fey. Apparently, one of Fey’s assistants told her about her daily shower beer, which she had to wind down every day when she got home.

“She said she drinks an ice-cold beer in a boiling-hot bath or shower and it made her sleep. I was like, ‘That sounds perfect!,'” Margot told The Daily Star. “So now when I get home from work, I have a beer shower or a beer bath if I have time.”

I’m calling BS on Margot Robbie never hearing of a shower beer until 2016, by the way. No shot. Shower beers are an American staple. Nothing reminds me of college quite like a Rolling Rock in our disgusting shower.

Whatever, though. I ain’t here to judge. Let’s all take a Busch Light bath and enjoy a couple Margot Robbie heaters to wind down from a long day.

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Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie.
Margot Robbie.

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