Brawl Breaks Out On Plane To Cap Great Week For Air Travel

It's been a BANNER week for air travel, so let's cap it by firing off a viral video of a man getting slapped in the face a dozen times on a plane because he wouldn't raise his seat. Our latest airplane brawl takes place aboard a Thai Smile Airways flight when one passenger refused to raise that seat back so flight attendants could prepare for takeoff.

Instead, our guy claims he needed it down because he had a backache, and even told the attendants they could snitch on him to the captain, but it wouldn't matter. He wasn't budging!

Anyway, this back and forth went on for a bit, other passengers got restless because they couldn't takeoff, but luckily everyone calmed down and tensions slowly melted away.

Just kidding! The man with the bad back got slapped into 2023!

Brawl breaks out on plane after passenger refuses to raise seat

Tough scene here for our guy with the bum back. Can't imagine repeatedly taking a hand to the face helped much, but who knows?

Look, flying STINKS. It's truly the worst. Anyone who says they'd rather fly somewhere than drive is lying to you, especially during this time of year. Give me 10 hours in the car over three hours in the air any day of the week.

You know why? Because I've never once seen a fight break out in my Chevy Colorado. Not once. We write about chaos in the skies at least three times a week here at OutKick, and it's only amped up this time of year.

I mean, look at this. 'Thai Smile' my butt!

What anger. What rage. This cat is just FED UP with our old man with the aching back, and he ain't taking it anymore.

Raise your stupid seat back or get slapped into next year, your choice!

Great week for air travel! At least this wasn't a Southwest flight. Feel like those guys need a break.

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