Bill Maher: The Biggest Witch Hunters Come 'From Twitter, The Ivy League And The Progressive Left'

Bill Maher continues to shred the woke left.

The host of "Real Time with Bill Maher" has become one of the most important voices in America because he's one of the few people willing to police his own side.

One of his biggest issues is the woke left promoting cancel culture and trying to crush their opponents. If you don't bend the knee, your life gets destroyed. It's a mentality infecting and destroying the country, and it must end. Maher has been a major player in the fight to kill cancel culture and the woke mindset.

His fight continued Friday night. He spoke about how people promoting censorship years ago were Republicans but the winds have shifted. Now, it's liberals who want to shut down those they disagree with.

Bill Maher, once again, crushes the woke mob.

"There's no getting around the fact that what was on the mind that night of the liberals in Brentwood or wherever we may have been was that the most powerful witch hunters now were coming from Twitter, the Ivy League and the progressive left. J.K. Rowling used to be a villain to the right because she wrote books about witchcraft. Now, she's a villain to the left because she has the crazy belief there's more to being a woman than pronouns and lipstick," Maher told his audience.

Maher then praised companies and people he felt successfully went toe-to-toe with the mob and didn't flinch. You can watch the full segment below. It's definitely worth your time.

Maher continues to take a stand against the woke mob.

It's great to see Bill Maher continue to stand up to the woke mob, which is nothing more than a group of very loud bullies.

Outside of places like OutKick, Fox News and a handful of other pro-free speech outlets, you rarely see anyone speak out against the woke mob.

You definitely don't see people on the left do it. In fact, even major corporations are ready and willing to bend the knee. That's why Bud Light and Nike teamed up with Dylan Mulvaney. Corporations actually think this nonsense is a GOOD idea.

If you go against them, the mob will find a joke you made when you were 13 and attempt to make sure you can never earn a paycheck again. Is that a country you want to live in? I definitely don't, and neither does Bill Maher.

That's why he dedicates so much time to combatting the woke mind virus. His point about J.K. Rowling is also 100% correct. I remember as a kid some people claimed she was promoting the devil. It was absolutely ridiculous, but very few people believed that.

Now, she faces legit threats from a deafening amount of people online. Her crime? She believes women are women and men are men.

For that, she is constantly harassed and treated as a pariah. Fortunately, HBO didn't crack and is including her as a major part of its upcoming "Harry Potter" series.

This nonsense only ends when enough people are done tolerating it. Props to Bill Maher for never being shy about attacking the woke mob.

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