Bill Maher Shuts Down Bryan Cranston's Racism In America Lecturing, Says Black People Hate 'Wokeism'

Bill Maher and Bryan Cranston got into an incredible exchange about race in America, and the video is a must-watch.

In a clip recently shared online from a January podcast with the former "Breaking Bad" star, race became a focal point of the conversation and it got a bit wonky.

When Cranston tried to accuse Americans and our leaders of being "innately" racist and holding terrible views, Maher wasn't having any of it. While he acknowledged humans and America are flawed, he definitely felt like Cranston took things way too far.

"Innately? Oh, lord, what have you been reading? Is that 'White Fragility' or some bullsh*t like that … Like, original sin? Like we're toxically white born racist," Maher responded with a very confused look on his face.

Bill Maher claims minorities hate wokeism.

Maher even went further and noted conservatives are doing better with minorities because "the woke sh*t doesn't help any black people."

"To me this is the difference between liberalism and wokeism. Liberalism is about lifting people up. Wokeism is just about self-loathing and hating yourself and scolding everybody and virtue signaling. It doesn't actually help anybody. Lifting people up who have gotten a bad shake in this country, who are for some reason downtrodden or have been cheated, absolutely I've always been for that but I don't think that's a lot of what's going on," Maher explained while talking about how Donald Trump didn't do that poorly with minority voters.

Maher continues to be a refreshingly honest voice.

As we've covered here many times at OutKick, Bill Maher's voice seemingly becomes more and more important and necessary with every passing day.

There used to be a time when Bill Maher was just viewed as your standard liberal. Nobody viewed what he said as out of step with the traditional thinking of his side of the spectrum.

Then, the world went insane, the woke virus infected wide swaths of culture and society and Maher became one of the very people on the left willing to push back. His HBO show has become must-watch television to listen to someone on the left actually willing to police his own side.

Most importantly, he regularly targets the wokes for ruining society. During a recent segment, he compared the woke mob to communist purges, and here's the thing, he's 100% correct.

In this instance, Cranston tried to claim America is infected with racism. That's just not true and anyone paying attention knows it.

Maher's comments about foreigners getting here and just seeing people who hate their own country is 100% accurate. It needs to be said loudly and clearly.

America is a great country. Do we have problems? Yes, but we're still the best country on this planet and the margin is massive.

Hopefully, Bill Maher continues to be a refreshing voice willing to speak the truth. It's truly needed now more than ever before.

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