Bare Knuckle Fighter Tai Emery Explains Flashing Celebration To Kendra Lust

That's one way to increase ticket sales.

Bare Knuckled Fighting Championship's Tai Emery is still buzzing after her early September fight victory where she flashed the crowd after knocking out an opponent. Speaking this week on the Kendra Lust podcast, Emery explained how she decided to work flashing into her celebration after knocking out Rung-Arun Khunchai.

Emery says she went to BKFC management and the rest is history.

"I definitely threw the idea out just because I needed to make sure that I wouldn't be fired," Emery explained to Lust. "I do like to say a lot of crass stuff just to see how people react and I remember being a brat and I'm like, well, what are you going to do? You can't do nothing when I K.O. someone and then I flash my tits.

According to Emery, she was told by management, "This would be genius."

Emery appreciated the approval, especially considering she was in Thailand and needed to make sure she wouldn't end up in a jail for such a stunt.

Then she knocked out Khunchal, jumped on the rope and unleashed her chest to the delight of the crowd.

The celebration turned into a windfall for the OnlyFans model. Traffic to her account, which retails for $10 per month, jumped an astounding 6,000% after news of the flash went viral.

"To be honest I'm glad that the cameras weren't front-on because you don't deserve that. You need to be in the crowd to see some titties, you know?" Emery, who is a former Lingerie Football League player, told Lust.

I bet you are.

Business is business.

What's next? Now that Emery doesn't have to worry about flashing and ending up in prison, she's talking about another fight in Thailand. She's told reporters that December makes the most sense.

Right now it's a great time to be Emery, who was able to secure sponsorship from Lust.

“For me, I got denied a sponsorship at a few gyms… They said no and it got back to me it was because of my image," the fighter told "Someone kind of suggested contacting Kendra Lust and I thought ‘Oh my gosh, we follow each other, why not?’

“I asked Kendra if she’d sponsor me, and she sponsored me, and it was enough money to get me from the point she sponsored me all the way through to the fight.”

The rest is history.

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