Bam Margera Arrested For Domestic Assault

Bam Margera's life continues to spiral out of control and once again the cops are involved.

The former Jackass star was arrested after allegedly kicking his girlfriend during a domestic violence dispute, according to TMZ.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department told the outlet that cops responded to a call around 5 a.m. last Thursday before they eventually took Margera into custody. The alleged victim original told law enforcement that her "husband" had kicked her, however sources told TMZ that Bam's ex-wife Nicole Boyd was not involved. The identity of the victim has not been release, although reports are that it's Bam's current girlfriend.

Margera was booked before posting a $50,000 bail and released from custody the following day.


It's the latest setback for Bam, who can't get his life straight.

He has been arrested multiple times, has had restraining orders filed against him, and has been in and out (and even ran away) from rehab facilities in recent years. It's not a good situation whatsoever.

This past December Margera was hospitalized in the ICU after being put in a medically induced coma after a dangerous bout with Covid-19 gave him multiple seizures.

Most recently, his Jackass co-star Steve-O pulled Margera off his comedy tour after Bam went on an apparently alcohol-induced social media rant.

Steve-O responded on Margera's post at the time and begged Bam to get help.

The San Diego County District Attorney told TMZ that no charges will be filed because they only pursue cases that they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt. It's unclear if other parties will file charges elsewhere.

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