Appalling: Survey Finds 12% Of People Have Taken Dumps In The Shower

Bust out your shower shoes, kids. A survey has found that more than 1 out of every ten people you pass on the street have taken a poo in the shower.

That's... that's just unacceptable. I thought we lived in a society.

The folks at made the startling discovery after surveying 1,000 people on their hygiene habits.

Their findings in the "Have You Done Any Of These Activities In The Shower?" section started harmlessly, then get progressively more upsetting.

38% of people said they've done some singing in the shower. Okay, I would've thought that one would've been higher.

30% of people have peed in the shower while another 30% say they've had sex in the shower. Again, not particularly surprising.

19% had an alcoholic beverage, 16% watched sports, and 12% ate a snack while bathing. All weird, but not borderline criminal.

Then there was this tidbit: the same number of people that have eaten a snack in the shower, 12%, admit to having ripped a deuce in the shower.

Appalling. Just Appalling.

This Shower Survey Left Us With Way Too Many Unanswered Questions

I'm not part of this 12%, nor do I want to be, but I envy their confidence. It takes some serious stones to tell a random survey, "Yeah, I took a dump in the shower. What of it?"

There are a lot of unanswered questions from this survey. Particularly concerning that final piece of startling information.

That piece of info should've shifted the scope of the entire study because this is a health concern. Anyone who said, yes, they have defecated in the shower should've had to answer a simple, two-word follow-up question: "On purpose?"

In my book, there's a massive difference between being an accidental member of that unfortunate club and having done so on purpose.

I'll cut you some slack if you were dealing with a stomach bug and an unfortunate sneeze resulted in you being able to mark yourself as a "Yes" on this particular survey.

Conversely, if you dropped one in there on purpose because you were too lazy to get out of the shower, you should be committed to an insane asylum.

My guess is at least 90% of the initial 12% fall into the accidental camp. Or, at least, I hope.

Because I wouldn't have expected 12% of people to have let loose in the shower, to begin with.

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