NXT Rising Star Sol Ruca Grabs Attention At An Outdoor Shower Prior To Her Latest In-Ring Appearance

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Calyx Hampton, better known by WWE fans by her ring name Sol Ruca, is a rising star in every way. The former D1 Acrobatics & Tumbling athlete has made the transition to wrestling a seamless one. She’s worked her way into more NXT opportunities and grown her Instagram following to more than 123k.

Anyone who is successful in the WWE world has to be a proficient wrestler and social media personality. Ruca put her social media skills to work a few days ago. The self-proclaimed below average surfer loves the beach and spending time in a bikini so putting together content for Instagram wasn’t difficult at all.

NXT Rising Star Sol Ruca
NXT rising star showing off her athletic ability at the beach (Image Credit: Sol Ruca/Instagram)

Ruca hit up an outdoor shower while soaking up some sunshine and snapped a couple of pics. She slapped a couple of emojis on the pictures and fired them off for her growing fanbase. All part of the job description and a good way to grow her own brand.

The pictures racked up tens of thousands of likes and a couple hundred comments. Those kind of results are a good indication that she’s got the social media part of the job down.

The bio the WWE provides for the rising star is a pretty good indication of what they have planned for Ruca as she continues to develop as a wrestler.

After pointing out her love of all things involving the beach and her bringing those good vibes with her into the ring, they add, “With her golden glow and devastating finishing maneuver the Sol Snatcher, Ruca looks to continue taking NXT by storm as she continues her winning ways.

That sounds like a wrestler the WWE is hoping can turn into a huge star.

Maximizing Her Assets

That shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. They sought her out after all. After receiving a developmental contract following her tryout she revealed that the WWE had slid into her DMs.

“I got a DM on Instagram from the WWE recruiting page and at first I thought it was not real because I didn’t know how people got into WWE,” Ruca told Fox News Digital.

“I wasn’t a super big fan at the time. So, when I saw that, I was like there’s no way. So, I showed my boyfriend and he’s like you have to do this. That’s insane. I looked into it and figured like, if I go to the tryout and don’t make it, it’s one of hell of a story to tell people. I got the opportunity to try out, how crazy is that? If I do make it, then we’ll see what happens.”

It’s almost as if there are a few people at the WWE that can spot talent or something. They nailed the Ruca selection. She’s got the social media down and continues to impress in the ring.

On Friday night at NXT Level Up, Ruca and Dani Palmer defeated Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson in a tag team match.

Written by Sean Joseph

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