All I Want For Christmas Is Mariah Carey To Stop Lip-Syncing

Mariah Carey is getting slammed across social media for an unenthusiastic performance of "All I Want For Christmas Is You," during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The "Queen of Christmas" looked bored while standing still in front of Macy's flagship store lip-syncing her classic song.


As with previous years, all the performers were lip-syncing throughout the telecast. It's frustrating as a viewer -- and I'm sure as a performer -- but with so many different moving parts, it would be nearly impossible to have everybody perform live.

Carey has to know within seconds that the performance is going to be bad. She's been singing and performing at live events for decades now.

Before I get crushed on social media, I think Mariah is talented. She has a 5-octave vocal range and can also sing in the 7th octave. If you don't know what that means - it means she's really damn good.

Her rendition of "O Holy Night" is unreal.

During a televised 2016 New Years Eve performance, Carey became visibly upset when she was unable to hear her backing track. During one of her songs she told the live audience that she wasn't able to soundcheck, while also telling her production team to turn the sound monitors on.

Afterwards, Carey posted on her Instagram post that, "shit happens."


However, Carey wasn't the only one that got criticized for her Parade performance. The Internet was much harsher for Paula Abdul, with one person saying, "Paula Abdul is definitely not a morning person."

Meanwhile, Smokey Bear turned into Smoke Show Bear as some on the Internet gave a double look at the buff bear's abs and muscles.

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