Alex Rodriguez & His Fitness Model Girlfriend Jac Cordeiro Are Still Going Strong

Alex Rodriguez didn't take much time off following the split from Kathryne Padgett. He also didn't stray far from his type either. He replaced a beautiful blonde fitness model with another beautiful blonde fitness model.

Just a few weeks after A-Rod's split with Padgett came to light, he was already in a relationship with Canadian fitness model girlfriend Jac Cordeiro. The new couple was spotted holding hands in Beverly Hills and then courtside at a Timberwolves game.

A-Rod and Jac are still going strong. The former MLB star is all over her comment section on Instagram, including her latest post in which she tagged him.

The post lets her followers know where she'll be if they need to find her. She's on the path to betterness according to the caption, "If you need me, I'll be on the path to betterness."

"Stay grounded. Protect your energy. Vibrate higher," the caption continued.

The "path to betterness" apparently requires a revealing white one-piece. A-Rod appears to be a big fan of the look, and you can't blame him for that. They then trade emojis in the comment section like a couple of teenagers.

It's Safe To Say A-Rod Has A Thing For Fitness Models

Say what you want about A-Rod - yes he's annoying and yes he's not a very good baseball analyst - but he also isn't easily held down.

Having your engagement to Jennifer Lopez called off then watching her run back to Ben Affleck would knock many men down for a while.

A-Rod popped right back up, dusted his shirt off, and then put himself right back out there. He's now on his second fitness model since the engagement to superstar was called off. That's resilience people.

Will this relationship last longer than the last one? Only time will tell. Jac, at 42, is much closer to his age than his 25-year-old fitness model ex. That might work in their favor.