Airplane Madness: Parents Do Nothing As Kid Repeatedly Jumps On Tray Table

Just when you think you've seen EVERYTHING on an airplane, there's always something new.

A viral video posted on Reddit is garnering a ton of reaction as people are debating who's to blame - the child or the parent?

The cringe-inducing video shows a barefoot toddler hopping on an airplane tray table while grabbing the person in front of them.

The worst part? The toddler was being held up by their parent.


The video was posted in the popular Reddit "Public Freakout" section Wednesday. It's unclear what airline it occurred on or where the plane was heading.

My immediate reaction after seeing the video is an audible, "Oh hell no."

Absolutely not. I would get thrown off that plane for the things I said to the parent if they continued to let their kid run around wild.

And the passenger who just sits there while his hair is getting pulled with no reaction? Give him a medal. I would last half a second before I told the parent that this would not be continuing.

Many in the Reddit thread had harsher reactions.


Personally, I don't care about crying babies on a plane. I'm able to understand that they have no idea what is going on.

But a crying baby is different than a toddler that is actively ready to reign terror on everyone around 20,000 feet in the sky.

And you just KNOW that if the tray table broke and the kid got hurt? It would be the airline's fault and it would get sued for millions. Forget the parent's negligence in letting the kid do anything and everything, it'd be the the airline's fault for not having stronger tray tables.

Maybe I'm the fool for thinking parents should know better.

How can we expect children to behave when we have adults doing things like taking a poop in the aisle on a British Airways flight, throwing beer cans at other passengers and mooning the flight crew, or playing sex sounds over the in-flight intercom system.

And don't forget professional athletes that decide to do workouts in the middle of the aisle.

So good luck to anyone reading this before they fly back from their Thanksgiving getaway.

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