Aaron Rodgers' Rumored Girlfriend Blu of Earth Celebrates Her Birthday On The Beach

While Aaron Rodgers' season has been imploding for the last five weeks, his rumored girlfriend Blu of Earth, who has been accused of being a witch, has been going about her life as a shaman.

On Wednesday, Blu changed up her content game which typically revolves around lighting candles and chanting in a circle with suburban moms who've seen the shaman light, by celebrating her 32nd birthday on the beach while letting the peach breathe a little bit.

I've personally been on the Blu of Earth content beat for the last six months and this was a rare content moment. This woman is usually in dreads and in deep thought. Not this week.

"Today is my 32nd year around the sun and I spent the morning in the ocean dancing, laughing and playing in the waves with my sister twin @molliemendoza_," Blu wrote on Instagram.

"And my birthday gift from you would be to do something today that you haven’t done since you were a child. Something that makes you laugh, blows your mind and reminds you of the magic in the mundane.

"The world is an adventure waiting to be had and it takes the courageous of hearts to embark on the hero’s journey into one’s heart.

"I love you. Thanks for being on this ride with me!

"Ps - nothing like a little birthday 🍑 to start the day."

What did Rodgers get Blu? No idea. The guy has gone dark on Blu's social media pages. Let's face it, Aaron's energy is at an all-time low right now. His teammates are even saying how big of a pain in the ass he is. If anyone can save the guy, it has to be Blu and her positive energy force field.

Without knowing Blu's upcoming schedule, now is the time for Aaron to fly in his girlfriend for some personal time. He needs to do some reflection. Perhaps Blu can hold a summit with Aaron and his wide receivers who are being scapegoated over the disastrous offense.

We're talking about a team that is 3-6 since Aaron Rodgers got that positive energy tattoo and now the guy is in a horrible spot.

Do it, Blu. Save this franchise. Light some incense and smoke out the evil spirits who've taken over that locker room.

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