Aaron Rodgers Offers Wise Advice On How To Heal America

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers thinks people should listen more and talk less.

Following President Joe Biden's incredibly partisan and divisive speech Thursday night that painted large portions of the country as radicals, Rodgers urged people to open their ears and listen to stuff they might not agree with.

"In order to come together as a country and come together as people and connect, you have to listen to other people's opinions, and a lot of times, opinions that you don't agree with," Rodgers told McAfee when talking about how America can stop being so fractured.

"In order to test your own belief system and to have it engrained at a deeper salient level is to have it challenged. Not to live in an echo chamber where you're repeating the same things, hearing the same things and locking in the same algorithms that give you the same opinion and belief over and over again. That's how division happens because there's zero room for people to connect and at least just listen to what you have to say. At the end of the conversation, it could be, 'I respectfully disagree with that.' Awesome, but at least you listened to it," the NFL star QB further added when talking about hearing viewpoints you don't agree with.

Aaron Rodgers Preaches Importance Of Listening

Rodgers, who has won the NFL MVP award four times, also said having an open mind simply means trying to put yourself in another person's shoes.

"Having an open mind, in my opinion, is being able to take your brain to a place where you imagine what it would be like for what that person you don't agree with is saying to be true. In a world where that's possibly true, how can I take my mind to a place and sit with that reality? I think it's an important lesson to learn or a skill to practice: to listen and understand. Not to listen and to respond," the Packers star further added.

You can listen to his whole comments below. His words might be the best stuff you hear all day.

Major kudos to Rodgers for that entire segment. If we had more of that kind of attitude in America, we'd all be much better off.

Believe it or not, you don't need to come for people's throats just because you disagree with them. You can respectfully disagree, grab a beer and then talk about something else.

That's the way a healthy society is supposed to work, but we seem to have lost that in America. Rodgers is pleading with people to throw it in reverse and get back to it.

Also, if there's one person who knows about facing heat, it's the Packers QB. He faced serious criticism for his skepticism of the vaccine, but he held his ground firm and refused to back down.

Will people listen to Rodgers' message? Hopefully, but given where we're at in America in 2022, I wouldn't bet on it.