Aaron Rodgers Tells Joe Rogan Reason Why He Hasn’t Gotten Vaccinated

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Aaron Rodgers made headlines last fall when he told the world he had been “immunized” against COVID-19. Many assumed that meant he had received the vaccine, but as we later found out, he never took the jab. During a recent appearance on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ Rodgers went into detail about why he’s not vaccinated.

While Rodgers was getting scrutinized for making the personal decision to not get vaccinated, he said he consulted his friend Joe Rogan about the virus. It was only fitting he shared why he hasn’t received the jab on Rogan’s podcast.

Rodgers previously revealed he had an allergy to something found in the COVID vaccines and went into detail about it with Rogan.

“PEG. Polyethylene Glycol. I did my research, I think typically speaking, because I’m healthy and I take care of myself, getting vaccinated was not on the top of my list,” Rodgers explained.

“But, I wanted to look into it because everyone was doing it and talking about it and trying to be safe. And I wanted to make sure I was doing my part if that’s what was necessary to keep myself safe. My loved ones safe. My teammates safe. At the time, I went on the CDC website and it specifically said ‘if you’re allergic to PEG, we do not recommend getting vaccinated with the MRNA vaccines.'”

Aaron Rodgers Talks COVID Vax With Joe Rogan

With the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines out of the question, that left the Johnson and Johnson shot. However, Rodgers wasn’t exactly looking to get possible blood clots.

“The only other one available was Johnson and Johnson,” Rodgers said.

“That had just got pulled at the time for blood clots. So I looked into other options which included an immunization process through holistic doctor. I researched and talked to probably a dozen different MDs. I found a protocol that I felt like was the best available.”

Rodgers went on to explain that he actually did take “diluted strands” of the virus, but never the vaccine.

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