49ers Fans Can't Get Enough Of Big ... Chicken ... Brock Purdy

The San Francisco 49ers took a 23-17 lead over the Seahawks midway through the third quarter of Saturday's Wild Card playoff game, and fans let QB Brock Purdy know how appreciative they are that he's their QB1.

Purdy, AKA Mr. Irrelevant, burst onto the scene last month in the wake of Jimmy Garappolo's injury, and has stolen the hearts of 49ers fans ever since.

All he's done is go undefeated, throw a billion touchdowns and lead the Niners to the No. 2 seed in the NFC.

Not bad!

Anyway, Purdy-Mania is catching on like a wildfire as the former Iowa State star makes his playoff debut, and fans near and far are PUMPED he's under center.

Big Cock Brock Purdy leads 49ers into playoffs

Big Chicken Brock! Love it. We don't get enough College GameDay-esque signs in the NFL, so I'm fully on board whenever Mr. Cameraman catches one in the wild.

Did he know the sign actually means 'Big Cock Brock'? Don't know, don't care.

Brock Purdy is certainly playing like he has a big ... chicken ... and I'm 100% here for it. We don't get these stories often - if ever - so we have to enjoy the moments while we can.

Don't know if Purdy will last in the league or if this is lightning in a bottle, but - speaking as a Dolphins fan - I'd LOVE to see Big Cock Brock under center against the Bills rather than Skylar Thompson.

Give 'em hell, Brock!

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