49ers Falls Out Of The Stands To Grab A Brock Purdy Towel

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Are you a 49ers fan? If so, ask yourself how much of your soul you’re willing to put on the line to snag a Brock Purdy game-used towel after a 38-13 drubbing of the lowly Arizona Cardinals.

Are you willing to snap your neck for Brock’s sweaty towel? Are you willing to endure life-changing back pains to display that glorious pearl-white towel — is there even a logo on sideline towels? — in your man cave?

A 49ers fan made those decisions Sunday as the next coming of Joe Montana sprinted off the turf at Levi’s Stadium and right into the playoffs and a matchup against the Seahawks, who slipped into the playoffs after Green Bay choked at home against the Lions.

Let’s get right to the footage:

From all indications, the Niners fan walked away from this one – luckily.

I get it. We’re talking about a QB in Purdy who has fans thinking about yet another Super Bowl run, especially when the 3rd or 4th string quarterback puts up insane stats over five starts (5-0). Purdy completed an astonishing 67% of his passes (including the towel pass to the grown man) and 13 touchdowns with just four picks in 170 attempts. The guy finished the regular season with a 107.3 QB rating.

That sweaty towel is worth a fortune right now.

But it’s not worth the chance of snapping your neck & being fed through a feeding tube. Folks, we need to stop and weigh the commitment we’re willing to make for sweatbands, shoes, towels and general jock-sniffing.

That said, thanks for the content. Without some of you morons fighting and falling out of the stands, the NFL would be boring and I’d be working a different job.

Your level of insanity is appreciated.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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