Cristiano Ronaldo’s Model Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez Is Learning How To Twerk, Shared Some Footage From Her First Class

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Most people assume that soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is also the star of his own family. Sure he’s a household name all over the world. And yes, signed a two-year, $75 million per season deal with a Saudi Arabian team, with reports that it could reach as high as $200 through commercial agreements.

Ronaldo even has a staggering 583 million plus followers on Instagram. All of that points to a superstar athlete on a level reached by very few. But it’s his model girlfriend and mother of some of his kids, Georgina Rodriguez, that is the real star of the family.

Cristiano Ronaldo's Model Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez Is Learning How To Twerk
Spanish model and partner of Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez (Photo by PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA / AFP) (Photo by PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP via Getty Images)

Who remembers Ronaldo’s disappointing World Cup exit last year when Morocco sent him and Portugal home in the quarterfinals? I barely do.

What I do remember is Rodriguez swooping in ahead of the knockout round in Qatar. She immediately dropped a bikini pic on everyone. That was an incredible moment.

She was clearly there to provide a distraction for Ronaldo’s eventual disappointing exit. It worked. I knew Portugal left empty-handed, but I had to look it up exactly how it all went down.

Earlier this week, Rodriguez was back flexing as the family’s biggest star. She attended her first ever twerking class and shared some of the moves she learned. The class was instructed by international twerk teacher Jack Gomez.

Georgina Rodriguez Is A Certified Star

Not impressed by Rodriguez’s above average twerking skills? Well you should be. That performance was after her first class. According to the caption “First twerk class,” that she used for the video in her Instagram Story anyway.

One class and she immediately out-twerked her instructor. That’s impressive. So is the fact that Rodriguez has a Netflix series. That’s right, Ronaldo just had a documentary on Netflix.

Rodriguez’s I Am Georgina is two seasons deep. Granted, I didn’t know it existed until I started doing some digging, but for those interested the series takes you on an “emotional and in-depth portrait of her daily life.”

Fingers crossed, there’s a little twerking as you join the mom, influencer, businessperson and partner of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Written by Sean Joseph

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