Cristiano Ronaldo Puts Hand Down Shorts, Pulls Out Snack During World Cup Match Against Ghana

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Cristiano Ronaldo was caught on video eating something during Portugal’s World Cup match against Ghana. He didn’t grab his quick pick-me-up from the sideline, however. Instead, Ronaldo stuck his hand down his shorts for a few seconds and ate whatever it was he was carrying around.

The bizarre video shows the now former Manchester United forward reaching into his shorts, fumbling around for about five seconds, and bringing whatever it is he grabbed to his mouth and chewing it up.

Given the size of his chew, it doesn’t seem like it was some super-small snack, either. It’s a truly bizarre clip.

To the best of my knowledge soccer shorts don’t have pockets in them – why would they – so there’s only one place to store a small piece of food, and that’s in your underwear. By no means does that make Ronaldo’s actions here normal, because they’re absolutely foul, but then again he’s doing what has to be done.

Ronaldo Pulls Mystery Food From Shorts At World Cup

My guess is that Ronaldo was storing some small piece of candy in his jockstrap and popped it during the match to keep his blood sugar going. Maybe his fondling in his shorts for a few seconds was him unwrapping the candy, but if that were the case, wouldn’t he have simply thrown the wrapper onto the field, or is Ronaldo just that environmentally friendly?

This is just the latest example of elite athletes eating or drinking something mysterious while in action. Novak Djokovic consumes weird things all the time, but I’m pretty positive he’s never pulled it from his underwear.

Ronaldo began the scoring for Portugal in their opening match against Ghana scoring a penalty in the 65th minute. Joao Felix and Rafael Leao each got on the scoresheet as well to give Portugal an exciting 3-2 win.

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