Novak Djokovic Was Handed ‘Secret Sauce’ Mid-Match

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Novak Djokovic suffered a shocking loss to Denmark’s Holger Rune β€” yes, the Holger Rune β€” in the Paris Masters finals. However, it was his previous match that got people talking even more.

While facing off against Greece’s Stefanos Tsitsipas, Djokovic received a mid-match beverage. Some kind of drink whipped up by his physiotherapist.

You can see Ulises Badio mixing up a little something, while another guy – who appears to be on Djokovic’s team – does his best to block people’s view of the recipe in question.

It does indeed look dodgy, but if his team was really mixing up some sort of illicit, performance-enhancing beverage in a stadium full of people would be particularly brazen.

At Wimbledon earlier this year, Djokovic was seen inhaling something out of a water bottle during a match.

Djokovic called it a “magic potion” and deflected questions about the ingredients by saying it was part of an upcoming supplement line.

“I said you will find out soon, but not so soon,” Djokovic said. “It’s going to come out as one of the supplement, let’s say, lines that I’m doing right now with drink and few other things, sports drinks.”

Who knows what Djokovic has been slurping down during matches, but whatever it seems to be working. He teased a reporter about his mystery bottle at Wimbledon.

You’ll try it, and you’ll let me know how it feels. You might win Wimbledon.”

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