‘Cowboy Bar’ In Wyoming Kicks Bud Light To Curb, Others ‘Closet Drink’ It

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A self-proclaimed ‘Cowboy Bar’ in Wyoming has joined the rebellion against Dylan Mulvaney-loving Anheuser-Busch, with patrons tossing Bud Light to the curb and replacing it with Guinness.

Don’t know that you can get two beers more on the opposite end of the spectrum than that, so kudos to them.

“They’re down,” Tumbleweed bar owner Lannie told The Cowboy State Daily of Bud Light sales. “I hear quite a few customers talking about it. I would say a lot actually. We’re a cowboy bar, so …”

Bud Light protests in Wyoming.
Patrons in Wyoming are scattered on their Bud Light replacements.

Small-town Wyoming bars are all over the map on Bud Light

The CSD visited 14 small-town bars across Wyoming to see if all this Bud Light backlash was more bark than bite, and discovered what anyone with a brain already knew: Middle America ain’t happy.

Five of the 14 bars said sales were down down down, two refused to answer, and the others said the needle hasn’t moved … yet.


Most bar owners did agree on one thing, though: those who are still drinking Mulvaney Light are now doing so “in the closet.”

“They all talk sh-t, but they drink it still,” one bar owner said. “Let’s just say they’re in the closet now, you know? They’re sort of closet drinking it.”  

Here are some other responses — cherry-picked perfectly by yours truly based on how funny they were.

The K Bar Saloon says sales have gone down dramatically and many customers have switched to Coors Light and are asking for PBR, which “isn’t available this week.”

The Turf Bar says people have switched to Mic Ultra and Corona without realizing those are also owned by AB. As someone who still drinks Busch Light, I say this is still acceptable.

My personal favorite response comes from Split Rock Bar, which said “nobody cares” because everyone has been snowed in most of the winter and just wants to drink to get through the day.

Finally, the Desert Bar comes in hot with a subtle shot at BL that I’ve been trying to tell people for weeks now: the beer has always been gross.

“Bud Light sells the same as always, which is not very well. Coors Light has outsold Bud at this bar for years,” the bartender said.

Written by Zach Dean

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