Courteney Cox Checks Back In And Yep, She Still Has It At 58

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Last week, former Friends heartthrob Jennifer Aniston sent out a couple birthday Instagram heaters to prove she still had it, and now ex-colleague Courteney Cox is doing the same.

Cox, 58, is doing her best to keep up with the kiddos in her latest Instagram post, which – if we’re being honest – seems like a bad strategy from an absolute legend in the field.

Cox and Aniston run circles around the girls today, but hey, what do I know?

“Look at these Gen Z girls,” Cox said. “So cute. … I want to do that.”

Courteney Cox, Friends star and Scream Queen, still killing it

I know Courteney Cox went through a pretty weird period about a decade ago with her lips, but she appears to be back and better than ever. And even at 58, Monica Gellar can still hang with the best of ’em!

As I said last week about Jennifer Aniston, Rachel Green was the girl of the 1990s, at least for me. Everyone wanted to be with her, or be Ross Gellar. Every single girl wanted ‘The Rachel’ haircut, and every single guy was obsessed with ‘Princess Leia in the gold bikini.’

That being said, Monica didn’t disappoint, either. She didn’t get the shine Rachel did, but she was a killer in her own right.

Courteney Cox.
Courteney Cox was a Friends smokeshow.
Courteney Cox.
Yeah, Courteney Cox deserves some shine.

Yeah, I mean, she ain’t a slouch.

If we’re being honest, though, Cox really stole the show in the first Scream. The OG. One of the best horror/comedies of all time.

I grew up with a MASSIVE crush on Gale Weathers, who somehow managed to look completely different in every single movie.

Obviously she killed it in Screams 1 and 2. I don’t know what the hell happened in Scream 3, but whatever.

Courteney Cox in Scream.
Gale Weathers was peak Courteney Cox.

Anyway, good to see our girl Courteney still has it all these years later. And hey, Scream 6 is coming out next month.

The killer’s in Manhattan this time, so I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

Written by Zach Dean

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