Cops: ‘Jackass’ Copycats Beat Up Golfers After Confrontation Over Air Horn Prank

Remember the 2002 “Jackass: The Movie” bit where Johnny Knoxville and the guys blow an airhorn at golfers and it leads to one golfer throwing his club at Knoxville while another golfer starts hitting golf balls at the comedic geniuses? Of course you do.

Fast-forward to Sunday at the Craft Farms Golf Resort in Gulf Shores, Alabama where a crew of six Jackass copycats tried to pull the stunt on the third hole at the resort. According to police and club officials, things went off the rails when three “elderly” golfers, who were playing in a tournament, confronted the jokesters.

A fight broke out and, according to WALA, suspects came out of the woods and assaulted the golfers. “An assault occurred at that point. Some words were said, I’m sure back and forth and the people in the wood line were dressed in camouflage and they basically attacked these three golfers,” Lt. Jason Woodruff with Gulf Shores Police Department told the TV station.

The results: One victim went to the hospital with a “severe” cut to his head and broken teeth.

Police say the pranksters, who are said to be in their 20s, were wearing face paint and camouflage just like their apparent Jackass heroes.

“Craft Farms is a safe place to play golf. This was completely isolated,” Craft Farms General Manager, Chad Leonard said. “These guys could have picked any golf course in the area. We were the unlucky ones.”

It hasn’t been a pretty year for the golf industry and violent incidents. In July, a golf course official was shot and killed after confronting a man who drove a truck onto a Georgia course. In South Africa, two golfers got into a violent fight where one man swung a flagstick at his fellow fighter. Even a Korn Ferry pro was arrested this summer for fighting an opponent on the course.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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