Korn Ferry Golf Fight Details Emerge From Police Report & They’re Amazing

As if 2021 hasn’t been wild enough in the stands, now we have professional golfers fighting and one Korn Ferry pro was even arrested for his part in the melee. You don’t need a Brooks vs. Bryson brawl. Instead, you’ll get an Austen Dailey vs. Luke Smith fight for the ages, and the details from this one are absolutely incredible.

The story goes that Dailey, 31, and Smith of Covington, TN were paired up in a qualifying event, and Dailey was fed up with Smith and his father who refused to help him look for his ball. “If we could get some help looking for balls and get a flagstick every once in a while, maybe we could catch up,” is how Derek Fribbs, the third golfer in the group, recalls Dailey handling the tense situation.

Fribbs told the Wichita Eagle that Oliver Smith, the father, wasn’t having it and fired back at Dailey over how he was slowing down the group’s play with his lost balls.

Korn Ferry fight mugshot arrested details
Luke Smith / Harvey County Detention Center

“He started yelling that his son wasn’t here to babysit or look for golf balls,” Fribbs told the newspaper. “The dad is definitely the one who escalated it, and then the son is the one who fought.”

Dailey, a former UAB golfer, and Luke Smith began trading blows on hole No. 7. Fribbs says Oliver Smith took out a putter and prevented him from breaking up the fight. “I didn’t want to get hit with a putter. It was just a mess. It was tough to watch.”

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As if the fighting part wasn’t wild enough, Smith pinned Dailey to the ground and made his competitor say “uncle” before he got off his opponent, the police report states.

Smith, a golfer at Tennessee-Martin, was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge after being driven, along with Dailey, back to the pro shop. Fribbs continued his round alone and showed at 7-over 79.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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