Conor McGregor And Accuser Shown Together At Club Following Heat Game

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Newly surfaced video shows UFC star Conor McGregor and his accuser together at a club just minutes after the alleged rape.

A woman accused McGregor of violently sexually assaulting her inside the men’s restroom after an NBA Finals game in Miami.

The new video, first released by TMZ, shows McGregor and the woman appearing to exchange words at a table before Conor eventually leaves the area.

It was shot around 12:40 a.m. on June 10 inside the Kaseya Center. That’s roughly 30 minutes after the woman says he attacked her.

Ariel Mitchell, the accuser’s attorney, says the video shows her client and McGregor were “visibly awkwardly interacting with each other.”

“My client has always stated that there would be video of before and after. And in those videos, she emphasized that the difference in the interactions between them would be visibly noticeable,” Mitchell said.

“This again is another video that supports what my client has been saying and supports what she told the police since the inception of this incident.”

But McGregor’s attorney, Barbara R. Llanes, says the video actually proves the allegations are false.

“While the claimant’s story has changed yet again, our account of the evening has never changed,” Llanes said. “This video only reinforces our position. We look forward to the swift conclusion of the investigation.”

Conor McGregor Denies Rape Allegations

And previous video released this week gives more insight into how the events unfolded.

In one video, McGregor approaches the woman and brings her out of a large crowd into the bathroom. There was no resistance, no security separated her from anyone and there was no struggle.

The woman claimed she needed to make a daring escape after successfully physically overpowering McGregor with elbow strikes. But the massive crowd in the area seems to undercut that claim.

A second video shows McGregor and the woman partying in a club at the Kaseya Center.

The woman claimed McGregor took her into a restroom, kissed her without her consent, forced her to perform oral sex and attempted to sodomize her.

McGregor adamantly insists the allegations are “no more than a shakedown.”

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  1. With him being married, that’s pretty brazen to bring her in the bathroom in front of all of those people knowing people would record him unless he and his wife have an open relationship.

    • Yes. I’m sure this woman overpowered Conor with elbow strikes. She’s no doubt watched all the strong female character movies and knows all the moves the 110 lb girl uses to defeat the 220 lb special forces operative.

  2. It’s a he-said / she-said, so what breaks the tie? 1) she was hanging out with him afterwards, and 2) she made a change to her story. The case is over before it began. If she thought he’d settle to avoid bad PR, McGregor doesn’t give a rip about bad PR. Round 1 TKO.

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