USA’s CONCACAF Win Over Mexico Ends With Fans Throwing Objects At Players

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USMNT’s Christian Pulisic hit a perfect penalty kick goal to seal a win for our nation’s soccer squad and win the CONCACAF Nations League final against rival Mexico on Sunday.

What ensued during the celebration was a case of careless, inane fans who took it upon themselves to pelt players with objects. Prior to the incident, the officials were forced to halt the match temporarily due to the audience’s reported chanting of a homophobic slur.

USA star player Gio Reyna and one of the players from Mexico’s team were each hit directly on the head with a water bottle. Videos of the concerted attack show that the two took brutal hits. Reyna, 18, even received medical attention.

The fans’ lack of composure led to a bittersweet ending in the 3-2 overtime win by USMNT. According to the official US Soccer website, the US national team holds an all-time losing record of “19-36-15 overall in 70 matches against Mexico,” despite a winning record of 14-9-6 over the past 20 years.


US coach Gregg Berhalter commented on the incident, firmly condemning the actions. “It has no place in the game, spectators throwing objects onto the field,” said Berhalter. “Total lack of respect for what’s happening on the field and all the effort that both teams were putting into the game. So really disappointing to see. [Reyna is] going to be O.K, but he did take something to the head and it could’ve been a lot worse.”

As OutKick’s own Clay Travis pointed out, the behavior exhibited at Sunday’s soccer match in Empower Field also presented the media with a narrative that they won’t dare prod with a plumbing snake, let alone report on with full transparency.



The headlines from Sunday’s match proved that the media is willing to drop a story, should it subvert the narrative they prefer. In this case, a crowd assumed to be racially diverse is not held accountable based on the color of their skin.

If Bubba Wallace finds a rope shaped like a handle in his garage and decides to call it a “noose,” the media rush to claim that the predominantly white NASCAR fanbase is a threat to civilization.

The methodology is brilliant: a.) create the accusations and b.) report on the accusations.

As a result, we have another “summer of love” on our hands. This time involving some bottles of Dasani and a number of fans in the stands who missed out on playing Sunday catch with their boys at home so they moronically chose to do it at the game.

Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Throwing shit at Americans is Mexico’s way of thanking Biden and the Dems for allowing their countrymen to illegally stream across the southern border with no repercussions.

  2. As a former soccer player I can say the sport is straight trash now. One big socialist party and yes they throw shit all the time and people get hurt. It’s like Christmas in Philly and Santa gets the hustle all the time.

  3. Agreed with Erik. Clay doesn’t follow soccer that closely, this is nothing new. During all goal kicks by the opposing team, Mexican fans chant a homophobic slur. Has been going on at least since the mid 80’s. We all know had this happened in the NBA those soft players would whine about you know like underlying racism. So what’s the excuse of the Mexican fans. Ah they are of color so the media can’t say too much. Lame AF.

  4. My pops is from cuba and my mom is from Mexico I’m from America so I’m an American. With all that being said I effing hate the trashy way the Mexican fans were acting. There needs to be punishment for those morons. I condemn everything that the Mexicans were doing except for one thing. They weren’t yelling homophobic slurs. Yelling out puto isn’t a gay slur it’s a common way of mocking someone. It’s kinda vulgar but not really that bad. I’m sick of seeing the gay community make everything about themselves and I hate seeing you guys give into their bull crap redefining of words. In Spanish we use other words for gays. Only Americans claim it’s a homophobic slur. Anyways let’s go Merica!!

    • You would likely know better than me, but I guess the media has been getting it wrong for at least 30 years (which is likely as they lie all the time). I always thought the Mexican fans were chanting “puto” as in “man-whore” or “bitch” I honestly don’t care about the chant. The throwing of objects that could actually injure someone that’s just dumb whether the actor is white, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. just dumb ass shit. Point is the media won’t condemn this as racist or anything else because it doesn’t further the narrative.

  5. It may be just angry fans disgusted by the lose.

    But I can’t help thinking that if half the country hates and rejects all things that made this country great, and show nothing but disdain and disrespect for Old Glory and the accompanying national anthem at every chance, how can we be shocked when other nations pile on too?

    • Good point. Another observation. The Communist Democrats have encouraged burning, looting, and murdering for the past 15 months. No law enforcement was allowed to stop it in the urban landscape. After over a year of unchecked violence, defund the police and glorifying drug addicts, career felons, and wife beaters, all the sudden the Commies are surprised at the rise in violence at airports, sporting events, and liquor stores across America. What goes around comes around. The Communist Democrats genius pols did this for short term political gain. The poison they have injected into the America society can not be put back in the syringe. When will America wake up, and reclaim our great nation, and our sanity? It beats me, but if it does not happen soon, game over.

  6. But no one dumped the dangerous popcorn on a black player. Even if it was a Mexican who did it, it wouldn’t fit the narrative. The enemy of the people, aka media, only covers and blows things out of proportion when it fits their far left ideology.

    • Drunk Mexicans with a degree of expertise in homosexuality in Gay Pride Month. So if you dropped a quarter on the ground, don’t pick it up, just walk away, or your next words my be “ay caramba what the hell was that”.

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