Commanders Unveil New Mascot Major Tuddy; Former Hogs Prepared To Litigate

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The Washington Commanders are in the midst of a rebrand that saw their new name announced last year. Now, to kick off 2023, the Commanders have unveiled the latest leg of their rebranding: meet their new mascot, Major Tuddy.

Yeah, he’s a pig with an army helmet. What of it?!

Never mind that it’s a bit weird that Major Tuddy will roam the stands cheering while athletes play a game using the tanned hides of his fallen brethren, the pig β€” I’m sorry, hog β€” has a franchise connection.

Last summer, the Commanders announced four possible mascot options: a hog, a dog, a historical person, and a superhero.

They then narrowed that down to the dog or the hog (although, I would’ve loved to see how the historical person option would’ve played out).

The hog was always the leader in the clubhouse because it was a not-so-subtle nod to the “Hogs” the nickname for Washington’s dominant offensive lines in the 1980s and 1990s.

The team used the occasion to pay tribute to the Hogs, and while some former Hogs were on hand to welcome Major Tuddy to the fold, others were not happy about the news.

Like so unhappy they’re prepared to litigate.

The “Hogs” was the nickname given to Washington’s offensive lines of the ’80s and ’90s, and the inspiration for Major Tuddy. (Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Some Former Hogs Aren’t Fond Of The New Hog On The Block

Several former Hogs formed an LLC called O-Line Entertainment. They’ve accused the team of trying to capitalize and profit on their nickname and accomplishments.

“The Commanders are using the original HOGS brand for commercial purposes with NO compensation to the men whose blood and sweat equity built the original HOGS brand 40 years ago,” their statement says.

However, the team told NBC Sports Washington that they have no plans to do that.

So… you’ll just have to take their word for that.

Despite those threats of legal action, the team trotted Major Tuddy onto the field ahead of their meeting with the Cleveland Browns.

Unfortunately for the Commanders, they lost that game, which means they are 0-1 in the Major Tuddy era.

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