Colts’ Rodney Thomas Pays Tribute To High School Teammate Damar Hamlin

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Indianapolis Colts safety Rodney Thomas II brings us the latest “cold chills” moment in the first weekend of football since the Damar Hamlin injury.

Thomas — a former teammate of Hamlin’s at Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh — intercepted a pass from Houston Texans’ Davis Mills at the end of the third quarter. After the play, he took the ball to the 30-yard line and paid tribute to the Bills safety with his teammates.

This week, Thomas called Hamlin a “mentor” and even made the trip from Indy to Cincinnati to visit him in the hospital.

“I had a goal,” Thomas said, via the team’s website. “I knew where I was going, so I just got on the road and I just went. Laser-focused.”

Thomas said he sat by Hamlin’s bedside, held his hand and spoke to him. At the time, Hamlin had not yet woken up.

“I know he could hear me,” he said. “Even if he couldn’t hear me, it didn’t matter. I said what I had to say.”

Safe to say Hamlin definitely hears him now.

Central Catholic High School is the alma mater of several NFL players, including Marc Bulger, Dan Marino and current Cincinnati Bengals long Snapper Cal Adomitis.

Written by Amber Harding

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