Colorado Madman Tackles Rockies Mascot Dinger In Unexpected Act of Aggression

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Lock him up and throw away the key! A drunk fan in attendance for the Colorado Rockies’ home game against the St. Louis Cardinals on Apr. 10 committed a massive party foul by tackling Rockies mascot Dinger.

As the 6-foot purple triceratops danced for fans, the fan walked to the top of the dugout and went for Dinger’s legs.

Respecting the high-spirited mascot is an unspoken rule for baseball games, so watching this act of aggression from the rogue fan was a sad moment for Colorado sports. Imagine this happening to Rocky or Miles the Bronco … despicable.


On the bright side, Denver P.D. is investigating the matter and looking into a possible act of assault by the fan. The fan was escorted out of Coors Field, as reported by 9News.

According to the fan that recorded the incident, Dinger carried on with the show after his handler helped him up.

The Rockies mascot was modeled after the 1,000-pound triceratops fossil discovered at Coors Field during the venue’s construction.

Dinger last appeared in headlines as part of a cult-like prayer circle at a Sacramento Kings’ game honoring the sacred purple beam.

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