Colorado Calls ‘Special Board Meeting’ Amid PAC-12 Crisis

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The University of Colorado Board of Regents will have a special meeting Wednesday amid ongoing issues within the PAC-12.

A massive crisis has seemingly engulfed the PAC-12 as the conference has failed to land a new media rights deal, and the situation seemingly looks worse and worse with every passing day.

Will the PAC-12 collapse? (Photo by David Madison/Getty Images)

The longer the situation goes on without a resolution, the worse it gets for the PAC-12 and the more tempting the Big 12 starts to look. Previous reports have indicated the Big 12 is already in communication with Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah.

Now, Pete Thamel reported Colorado officials are having a special meeting Wednesday and the topic is “Legal advice on a specific matter – athletics update on PAC 12.”

When I went and checked the meeting’s URL listing, there was no language about the PAC-12. It’s unclear whether or not it was changed or if Thamel simply has a different listing.

Colorado is having a special meeting amid PAC-12 issues. (Credit:

Will Colorado leave the PAC-12?

It’s important to note Colorado having a special regents meeting doesn’t guarantee fans of anything. Let’s not overreact. There’s no reason to believe Colorado is about to run to the lifeboats and row back to the Big 12.

However, context clues are important. Right now, we know the PAC-12 is on fire and nobody seems interested in putting it out.

The situation is actually shockingly simple. Some people act like it’s very complex. It’s not. Washington and Oregon believe the Big Ten is waiting for them. That uncertainty gives the Ducks and Huskies no incentive to sign a new deal. Without those two, the value plummets even more than it already has. At that point, ASU, Arizona, Utah and Colorado might start looking for greener pastures.

You know where that will be? The Big 12. It all boils down to whether or not the PAC-12 can convince Oregon and Washington to hang around. If the conference, can’t it’s probably a wrap. Colorado has to be smart and vigilant. If things collapse, it could happen quickly. The Buffaloes will want a landing spot ready to go.

Perhaps that’s all this meeting is about. Just making sure Colorado has a plan.

Will Colorado leave the PAC-12? (Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Either way, the meeting is interesting at a minimum. Chaos is here, it’s here to stay and doesn’t appear to be leaving at any point in the near future.

Written by David Hookstead

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